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Introducing personalized supplement blends tailored to your unique needs—enhancing anything from focus to energy to clarity.

250+ Verified 5-Star Reviews

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Your mind is unique. Our formulas are too. Get customized formulas tailored to your lifestyle and goals.


86% of customers find a formula that works for them. Backed by science to target specific goals —everything from focus to energy to creativity.


We only use ingredients that are classified by the FDA as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) or have passed through Phase III clinical trials.

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Formula for Flow State

“Formula gives more focus and energy than any other supplement I’ve tried before. I feel like I’m performing with rocket fuel.”



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Formula for Quieting My Mind

“Formula gave me the ability to quiet the voices in my head. I got back control of my brain. I was neurologically crystal clear. And it’s personalized for me and my crazy days.”



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We use only the highest-quality ingredients, sourced in the USA, and rigorously tested for purity.

Racetams & Peptides

Used by astronauts for stress relief, laser-like focus, and increased stamina, racetams & peptides are the most potent and well-studied nootropics on the market.

Choline Sources

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter derived from the essential nutrient choline. It’s known for memory, learning, and protecting the brain from symptoms of aging.

Vitamins & Adaptogens

We’ve concentrated various amino acids, vitamins, and plant-based adaptogens that protect the brain from toxins, fatigue, and stress, while promoting memory and learning.

Your mind is unique. Our Formulas are too.

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250+ Verified 5-Star Reviews

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